Popular Songwriting

Composing original song material is something of an art form, some might say a gift? Well that’s what we’re exploring here with NME’s brand new and exciting syllabus aimed at budding songwriters. Not everyone will turn out to be the songwriting equivalent of Lennon and McCartney’s partnership (surely among the best-known and most successful song-writing duos in history…) but many aspire!  It’s done no harm either for song-writer (singer and former Army officer) James Blunt whose album sales currently top 20million.

We want to encourage more people to develop in this direction.

Music. Lyrics. We’re inviting you to demonstrate your all-round creativity and inventiveness with use of different keys, presentation styles, harmony and vocal range.

And our POPULAR SONGWRITING syllabus presents three exam scenarios: Debut … Breakthrough … and Artist level.  Check them out.