Nationwide Music Examinations Assessment Decision Appeals Policy and Procedure

Up-dated November 2013


Nationwide Music Examinations will deal with any appeal against an assessment decision professionally, confidentially and fairly.

Grounds for Appeal Against an Assessment Decision

An appeal will only be accepted as appropriate for consideration when written comments on the exam Mark Report Sheet, recorded by an examiner or moderator, are a mismatch to the mark(s) awarded.

We do not except the questioning of an examiners/moderators professional opinion as grounds for an Assessment Decision Appeal.

Assessment Decision Appeals Procedure:

Stage 1

Written details outlining the grounds for appeal, with candidate name, contact details and candidate number should be submitted to Nationwide Music Examinations Operations Director (see contact details below) within 12 weeks of the exam session.

On receiving the Operations Director will forward the appeal to the Chief Examiner for consideration within 5 working days.

The Chief Examiner will investigate the appeal. After initial investigation the Chief Examiner may require the appellant to submit via NME an unedited recording of the candidate performing his/her exam pieces and/or other elements required by the syllabus for consideration to aid investigation.  A written decision will be communicated to the appellant within 10 working days of receiving all required information.

If the appellant is not happy with the decision of the Chief Examiner, the appeal can be referred to Stage 2.

Stage 2

Within 10 working days of receiving the outcome of Stage 1 appeal, the appellant should refer the case to the Creative Director (see contact details below) in writing outlining the case for an appeal at Stage 2 with name, contact details and candidate number.

The Creative Director will consult an independent professional who is not associated with NME other than for this purpose.

The Creative Director will take all information and findings into consideration and will make the final decision; this will be communicated to the appellant in writing within 20 working days. (Every attempt will be made to complete our investigation within this timescale however if a delay occurs this will be communicated to the appellant).

The Creative Director’s decision is final.

Appeals Procedure Fees

There is an administrative fee charged for an appeal:
Stage 1 £35 fee
Stage 2 £45 fee

If the decision is found in favour of the appellant, the appeals fee will be refunded and re-entry for re-examination will be offered with no fee.

Contact details:
Operation Director
Nationwide Music Exams
76 Church Road
Creative Director
Nationwide Music Exams
76 Church Road