Information for Singers


A Vocalist is not required to perform all verses and repeats but may do so, baring in mind the approximate timing outlined in the singing remit (located in the ‘Own Choice’ Zone).

However candidates using backing tracks that are excessively lengthy and repetitious maybe stooped once assessment is complete.


To ensure that the very best mark is attained keys should be selected that best represents the vocal range of the candidate.


To replicate a real life performance all songs should be sung from memory.  This is a mark-able discipline.


Teacher/accompanists should ensure that the volume of the piano is not excessive and that the candidate can be clearly heard.  Pianos should be in tune.

Backing Track

As for pianos, the volume of all backing tracks should be set to give the singer prominence.


Accompanist should only remain in the exam room whilst required and should leave at an appropriate point.


The use of microphones/effects is permitted as Nationwide Music Examinations acknowledge that some teachers prefer to use such equipment in order to prepare students for real live performance.  However examiners are keen to listen to the true unprocessed qualities of the candidates voice and so require at least one song to be performed without any form of P.A.


Printed arrangements of songs do not have to be followed.  Personal arrangements are encouraged especially if performed with an accompanist.  The examiner will require a copy of any arrangements at the commencement of the exam.