The Flute is a member of the woodwind family of instruments but unlike its counterparts, the flute does not have a reed. Apart from the human voice, flutes are the oldest known instrument on the planet.

And here you are looking at learning and studying what is known as a western concert flute. Most often for beginners these are made of nickel, silver, brass; whereas for professional players their instrument might be crafted from gold or even platinum.

The flute is an ever-popular choice for our students here at Nationwide Music Exams.

We’ve recently updated our syllabus. We now offer two Foundation examinations and six Graded exams all of which are designed to help take you, or your student, on a pathway from ‘keen beginner’ to ‘accomplished player’ – able to demonstrate a raft of playing skills, arpeggios and with mastery of technique while having fun.

Typically we ask you perform three pieces for your relevant Grade. The choice of pieces in our core syllabus material is diverse. But you can go one stage further and look to introduce ‘Own Choice’ repertoire if you wish… all that’s required is for you to check that your chosen piece matches our guidelines.