Play & Sing – Bronze Level

To play and sing two songs of your own choice (please find guidance in ‘Own Choice’ Zone), each one lasting approximately 1½ minutes. (Each song attracts a maximum of 50 marks).Both songs (which must be available as a published copy) should be in a different key, style and tempo and cover a vocal range of not less than five notes.The accompaniment (played by the candidate) should use a minimum of three chords.  Any preferred method of introducing the song will be accepted.

The candidate will be required to name the key and give the vocal range of each song before performing.

Copies of both songs must be provided for the examiners use (please see Exam Protocol located in Info Zone, General Rules and Info).  A minimum of lyrics plus chords will be accepted.

Play and Sing Skills

  • Vocal range of not less than five notes
  • Use of different keys, styles and tempo
  • Minimum of three chords per song

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