What are ‘Playing Skills’?

Tell me all about NME’s ‘Playing Skills Guides’…

A question often posed is..Which one, two or three of my preferred piece(s) is actually suitable for a Nationwide Music Exam?’

Here’s how it works:

Essentially, our ‘Playing Skills Guides’ act as an indicator: pointing to the level of playing or vocal skills that a Music-maker would be expected to demonstrate for each NME Syllabus and Grade.

This will help you when selecting any ‘Own Choice’ piece to ensure it corresponds with our minimum requirements.

You will need to check our recommended bar length and also the required number of Playing Skills any ‘Own Choice’ piece should contain.

Where are the ‘Playing Skills Guides’ located on the website?  

They are easy to find. For more information simply refer to ‘Own Choice’ Remit in our Info Zones area or take a look at the Syllabus menu containing a rundown of all our instrumental and singing exams and individual Grades.

As teachers and performers ourselves, we fully-recognise that you will have built up a vast knowledge and experience of what your students enjoy playing or singing and we appreciate the relevance of these pieces to your tuition programme. For more than a decade our ‘Own Choice’ option has been giving you, the teacher, the flexibility to identify piece(s) you would prefer your students to play or sing at their exam. ’