Entering a candidate for an exam? Here’s a check list

Download & print off the Entry Form OR ring us and we'll happily post you a set of application forms by return

Currently, teachers are required to collect in cheques. We accept settlement via BACS – at the moment we do not take payment by credit or debit card

You'll be asked to specify two dates; we will usually be able to meet your first choice

Once we receive your completed Entry Form(s) NME then forwards relevant Mark Sheets to you - these are all ready-to-go and will carry candidate(s)' details - together with a cheque in respect of 10% commission to cover your admin time and costs

We ask teachers to please review and check for correctness; make any necessary amends direct on the Mark Sheet form (e.g., names and any spelling issues) please hand your completed Mark Sheet to the Examiner on the day. Our Examiner will use this information as the basis for the session and any follow up work

Teachers have the freedom to allocate time slots during the day. Of course, time allocations by Grade and/or Level do vary; please ask and we can provide guidance on time bands. Please note in planning your schedule we do tend to advise allowing 3-5 mins between each candidate for set ups etc. More complex set-up may only be installed during convenient breaks in the exam schedule but this should not over run and cause a disturbance to other candidates. Therefore it is strongly recommended that when a more complex set-up is required the best time to carry out this activity is before an exam session commences, with the candidate disassembling at the conclusion of the exam session.

A personalised Examination Certificate and Mark Sheet Report will be issued to all successful candidates and these will usually reach you within 15 working days (often it is sooner!)

PROVISO: NME is naturally keen to uphold standards. We reserve the right to moderate a proportion of exams and assessments during the year