Ukulele Archive

Welcome to the archive area where you can find the PREDATE JUNE 2014 Ukulele syllabus, which is valid until end of December 2014.To view the syllabus for 2015 onwards click here >>

We like to think of the UKULELE as a rather dapper little instrument in its own right (which it is of course!!)… as opposed to a diddy relative of its ‘grown up’ cousin the Guitar. And the Uke comes with four strings as we know, not six.

The Uke’s diminutive size (portability) and general happy-making sound (you simply want to hum along and kind of tap your toes) have no doubt been factors in the rise of its popularity over recent years – and its appeal for younger and older players in equal measure.

Is your student figuring out the basics? Then we have NME’s Foundation 1 or Foundation 2 exams. If he/ she is progressing then there is plenty of scope to test rhythm, how to sustain melody, overall musicality and so on, via our selection of Graded exams.