Information for Instrumentalists


Candidates may select their tempo using either metronome indications or words such as Andante (76-108).

When referring to tempo indications given in words e.g. Allegro (120-168) candidates should not deviate beyond the range.  Similarly metronome indications permit a similar leeway.


Fingering where given is for guidance only, any appropriate alternative fingering will be accepted.

DA CAPO/Repeats

Da capo and dal segno should be observed.  Other repeats being optional.

Singers using backing tracks do not have this option and may be stopped if repeats are excessive.


Candidates are free to use their own interpretation of ornaments.  Ornaments can be added or omitted if preferred.

Own Arrangements

Any part of the music may be altered as long as alterations are clearly and accurately written (just check ‘Own Choice’ Remit to ensure your are still covering the required Playing Skills) and the examiner is given a copy before starting.  (Please see Exam Protocol)