Electric Guitar

Our ELECTRIC GUITAR syllabus presents you with two entry-level exams which we call ‘Primary’; two tests at Foundation level for those whose playing is developing; and there are also eight Graded Exams.

As with all our music, we focus on contemporary repertoire so students can fully enjoy the exam experience while testing out their general chord-playing ability.

We invite you to road-test your touch, your timing and appreciation of tone, coupled with your all-round skills on frets and strings.

Whether your preference is for Blues or Boogie or your strumming hero is Rock icon Eric Clapton… then pieces in our core syllabus should cater for your tastes.

But remember! You can also perform some of your own favourite tracks… so check out NME’s ‘Own Choice’ zone for the Do’s and Don’ts about how that works.

Additionally, we give you the flexibility to swop repertoire… as a candidate planning to enter one of our ELECTRIC GUITAR exams then it’s acceptable to replace one piece and instead play an item listed under the corresponding grade within our Acoustic Guitar syllabus.