Play & Sing – Platinum Level

To play and sing three songs of your own choice (please find guidance in ‘Own Choice’ Zone), each one lasting approximately 3 minutes. (Each song attracting a maximum of 30 marks and an overall performance mark attracting a maximum of 10).Each song (which must be published copy) should be in a different key, style and tempo, covering a vocal range of not less than eleven notes.The accompaniment played by the candidate must include an instrumental intro on at least two songs.  The use of instrumental interludes and outros are optional.  Each song must contain a minimum of seven chords (candidates are fee and encouraged to add additional/altered harmonies) and include at least one modulation.  A variation of accompaniment styles should be used during each song.

The candidate will be required to name the key (including modulation), state the vocal range and outline the musical form of each song before performing.

Copies of all songs must be provided for the examiner’s use (please see Exam Protocol located in Info Zone, General Rules and Info).  A minimum of lyrics including chords symbols and performance directions will be accepted.

Play and Sing Skills

  • Vocal range of at least eleven notes
  • Instrumental intro on at least two songs
  • Minimum of seven chords per song
  • Variation of accompaniment styles within each song
  • A minimum of one modulation in each song
  • Key selection

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