What are ‘Playing Skills’?

Tell me all about NME’s ‘Playing Skills Guides’… what do they mean?

A question we often hear is: ’which one, two or three of my preferred piece(s) is actually suitable for my Nationwide Music Exam?’

Right: what’s the betting you have a preferred style of music and/or favourite piece(s) which you absolutely love to play or sing?

We’ll take that as a ‘YES’?

And that’s something we’ve recognised for many years… so we devised our ‘Playing Skills Guides’ to help candidates and teachers select suitable ‘Own Choice’ pieces as part of our exams.

Essentially, our ‘Playing Skills Guides’ provide an outline of the level of playing or vocal skills you will be expected to meet for the Syllabus and Grade you are entering.

So, when you or your teacher are picking an ‘Own Choice’ piece… take a few minutes to check out the appropriate Playing Skills Guide – this will help you  decide if your favourite piece is appropriate.

Don’t forget – you will also need to have a look at our ‘Own Choice’ Remit which lists details about the recommended length of a piece and the number of Playing Skills you need to cover within a piece.

Where are the ‘Playing Skills Guides’ located on the website?

They are easy to find. For more information simply click on ‘Own Choice’ Remit in our Info Zones area or take a look at the Syllabus menu containing a rundown of all our instrumental and singing exams and individual Grades.

NB: In our ‘Singing’ Syllabus the ‘Playing Skills Guide’ is appropriately called ‘Vocal Skills Guide’.