Why Choose Us

Nationwide Music Examinations is committed to delivering quality, value, service and choice. If you’re an instrumentalist or singer embarking on one of our exams we really try to make the journey less daunting and ensure you derive maximum enjoyment from measuring your performance and talent.  Our fees are affordable and highly competitive. Our programmes offer plenty of scope to play music you really like. On passing one of our exams, you’ll receive a stylish, personalised certificate celebrating your achievements and a written assessment of your performance on one of our specific, tailored mark sheets, which are designed to help reduce the subjectivity of your exam.

If you’re a teacher we provide carefully-structured, contemporary syllabus content and all the back-up services you need, as a means of benchmarking your students’ music-making abilities and ambitions.  Sung aural tests are not included in our exams, because we recognise that not all students are comfortable with having to sing as part of their assessment especially with an exam geared primarily to performance.  If you enter 12 or more students for an exam session in the UK, we will do our best to send one of our experienced examiners’ to your chosen venue on a date and time that is convenient to you.  Our company has been operating for many years and because we also run a successful music academy we can empathise with your needs.

Nationwide Music Examinations’ core team comprises trained musicians who have studied and taught in the UK and America alongside those with a background in Further Education. All examiners are required to meet our exacting standards.

NME is geared to promoting a ‘well-rounded musician’ and we do this by ensuring great choice every step of the way…

Our syllabus delivers a range of styles, from Rock to Pop, plus Blues, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Folk, Popular Classical and Traditional music which appeals to and caters for contemporary players.

We provide a genuine alternative to more formal classical examination studies.

Our programmes suit players of all ages and abilities… for those learning at home or within an educational setting.

We wish always to present syllabus content that is meaningful, enjoyable and stimulating. So whether it’s Coldplay or a familiar Abba chart-topper, you can be sure we regularly monitor industry developments and trends in the world of entertainment.  For well over a decade we have offered the option of you picking your ‘own choice’ pieces to sing or play.

If you are a singer or learning an instrument and would prefer a more spontaneous approach to reviewing and analysis of your playing … then why not ask about our Performance Assessments Awards?  This means you can send in a CD that will be evaluated by a member of our Examining panel.

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