Digital Piano

We offer eight Grades for your DIGITAL PIANO EXAM. And, as with all NME’s examinations, there’s lots of scope … repertoire contained within our core syllabus for each Grade has been completely updated but you still have flexibility beyond this to select and play favourite ‘Own Choice’ pieces. You’ll find a full rundown of how all that works by exploring our ‘Own Choice’ zone.From Beatles hits such as ‘Yesterday’ to easy-listening golden classics like ‘What the world needs now is love…’ (Bacharach and David) which feature in our main listings, this is a chance to enter an examination that clearly demonstrates our belief that playing should be pleasurable.

Whatever exam you are contemplating we do advise you vary the style and tempo of your pieces to show off your ability to best effect and to enhance your overall experience.

One thing to note: an acoustic piano cannot be used.